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Sebaceous cysts are common, noncancerous cysts of the skin. Cysts are atypical growths in your body that may contain liquid or semiliquid material. They are mostly found on your face, neck, or torso. They grow slowly and aren’t life threatening, but they may become uncomfortable if they go unchecked. Sebaceous cysts form out of your sebaceous gland. The sebaceous gland produces and secrete an oily substance (sebum) that coats your hair and skin.

Cysts can develop if the gland or its duct (the passage from which the oil is able to leave) becomes damaged or blocked. If a cyst becomes swollen, tender, large, or infected, treatment may include antibiotics and then surgery.


During the surgery, we will make an incision over the cyst and remove it along with the cyst wall. This ensures that the entire cyst is removed, reducing the chances of recurrence. The wound is then closed with sutures or glue, sometimes two layers of stitches and sometimes just one, and a dressing is applied to protect it.

Dr Chowdhury will inspect the Cyst before attempting to remove it. He won't perform the removal if he doesn't deem it is safe to do so. The cyst may need to be sent for histology to confirm the diagnosis.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, please contact us.

Image of Sebaceous Cyst
  • Is there a down time associated with the treatment?
    Most clients do not experience down time after treatment and can continue with their day as normal. Any swelling, redness or bruising tends to subside within 24 hours.
  • What is classified as one area?
    The following are classified as one area: · Frown lines · Forehead lines · Crow’s feet · Bunny lines · Down turned Mouth · Gummy smile · Dimpled chin · Peri-oral lines More than one area can be treated in one sitting.
  • How long does the treatment take?
    After a full consultation with Dr Chowdhury, a bespoke treatment plan will be devised. Treatment usually takes between 20-30 minutes but may take longer depending on the number of areas treated.
  • What results can I expect?
    Results start to appear approximately 3-5 days after treatment and peaks at around 2 weeks. A complimentary top up at 2 weeks is available if necessary.
  • Do I need any follow up after my anti-wrinkle injection?
    Yes, we will book you a follow up after 2 weeks and provide a free top up injection if required.
  • Who will perform the procedure?
    All procedures at Astounding Skin Aesthetics are performed by Dr Chowdhury after a consultation and full assessment.
  • How long do the result last?
    Duration of results varies from person to person depending on external factors such as metabolism. However, on average, results tend to last between 3-4 months after which you may wish to return for further treatment.
  • What are the risks and side effects of anti-Wrinkle Injections?
    Anti-wrinkle injections are a relatively pain free treatment, with only mild discomfort during treatment. There may be mild soreness, swelling or bruising after the treatment which tends to subside after 24 hours.


1 Skin Cyst (<5cm)


Sebsequent Skin Cyst (<5cm)


Extra cost for histology

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